At Stewart and Associates, Inc., we have developed a comprehensive and highly customized approach to helping leaders reach peak performance. The Executive Coaching Solution we offer will polish and improve skills in dealing with others, enhance leadership, and build executive management teams. Our coaching is presented in a non-threatening, confidential, and personalized skill-building manner. With our Executive Coaching Solution©, you can expect:
  • Facilitated developmental discussions
  • One-on-one diagnostic interviews
  • Input from key interface personnel
  • Self assessment instruments
  • Client assessment reports
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Individual coaching and counseling
  • Follow up assessments
The unique strength of our Executive Coaching Solution is that the individualized and confidential assessment, advising, and strategizing produce recommendations that are immediately applicable and realistic. This is the advantage of having a coach who has not only held senior leadership positions in a major U.S. corporation, but who has also built and run a successful business for 32 years.

Executive Coaching

A key function of leadership is the creation of the right change in the midst of new concerns and external pressures. The members of a senior leadership team often feel they operate in a vacuum - expressing concerns, sharing weaknesses or seeking council internally are not always viable options. Forming a trust-based relationship with an advisor who has the necessary depth of experience and the objectivity to solely focus on client success is often the best answer.