Strategic Surveys

Before a company can achieve progress, it is crucial to accurately understand the current status - both external and internal. Our Wave Surveys and Assessments serve a valuable function in identifying necessary change strategies, communication needs, and perception analysis. Understanding manager, employee, customer, and patient perceptions is an important component of making powerful, results-producing changes. In order to maximize the effectiveness of our process as a strategic management tool, we implement the following steps:

  1. Planning and design of the customized survey to address specific needs
  2. Distribution and administration whether on-line or pen and paper
  3. Customized reporting and analysis with specific recommendations

Our surveys are strategically designed based on informational outcomes necessary using a variety of question types.  We offer unlimited demographic tracking, responses tabulated in as many comparisons as needed, and an executive summary of key findings with optional recommendations for potential action steps.  And, we conduct these surveys in a budget-friendly manner.

Because our strategic survey solutions have become so successful and popular among our clients, we have created a separate division just for them.  Click HERE or the picture below to visit our Strategic Surveys website and find out more how they can take your organization to new levels of success and longevity.