As you plan for your next meeting or your next in-house educational seminar, chances are you will want someone who can offer a fresh voice and point of view. You will want a speaker who has the ability to excite, motivate and inform audiences; who will leave the audience with the confidence that they can apply something they learned right away.

Liz is a charismatic presenter whose speeches combine a caring approach with practical, real-world knowledge that can be applied immediately. She has given hundreds of speeches, from keynote addresses to full day presentations, retreats and sponsored seminars. She is consistently rated as one of the highest speakers at any seminar. Comments about her include: "Liz is an energetic speaker who left me enthused, and gave vital information that I could apply immediately!" or "Bring her back next year and let her speak longer; she was inspirational!"

Here is a sample list of the topics Liz has recently presented:

Are You Committed? (Focus: Employee Engagement)

Beyond employee engagement is employee commitment. This presentation explores how to achieve spectacular outcomes by channeling an attitude of commitment. These ten key points become powerful life lessons in how individual success can be leveraged to organizational success.  This presentation has become one of the most popular motivational speeches.

Waves of Change: Oceans of Opportunity (Focus: Leading Change)

One of the biggest challenges facing America today is the constant bombardment of change. Organizations not only need to survive, they need to learn to thrive in the midst of change. This requires leaders who are cognizant of the powerful impact of differences on building a positive work environment. The idea behind this approach is to focus on the positive and eliminate the negative. Liz also addresses how to convey the benefits of change to both internal and external customers. This presentation has become one of the most popular recently.

It’s All About Attitude (Focus: Customer Service)

One of the most important impacts on customer satisfaction is not just what you do but, instead, how you do it. Everyone in the organization must focus on developing a positive, proactive attitude that results in a memorable experience for customers. This presentation identifies specific strategies to create the right attitude. This is one of our most well-received motivational speeches.

Getting the Best from Employee - The Key to Accountability and Retention (Focus: Accountability)

Ask anyone and they'll tell you, a company performs only as good as its employees do. So it is up to the company to get the best out of its employees. This presentation stresses the importance of expectations, accountability, and communication in maximizing employee performance. Five measures of success in employee performance are identified.

It is a Jungle Out There (Focus: Dealing With Difficult People)

Very rarely are people truly and consistently difficult. What really happens is that people react or respond poorly to a difficult situation. This presentation will guide you through understanding the cause of the problem, the response to the problem, and how to focus on solutions.

This Younger Generation! - A Study in Work Ethics (Focus: Generational Diversity)

Today's workforce is increasingly diverse - from Veterans and Baby Boomers to GenX and Nexters - therefore, bridging differences becomes crucial in creating a dynamic and responsive workforce. One of the most noticeable distinctions in today's work environment is the gap between younger and older workers. Understanding values-driven distinctions is a must for today's leader.

Business Networking and Mentoring for Employee Development (Focus: Networking and Mentoring)

In a time of economic struggles it is easy to get complacent about employee development. Developing networking and mentoring processes within the organization can shift the culture from one of surviving to one of thriving. This presentation identifies specific steps in designing these internal processes.

People, Purpose and Passion: The Pathway to Success (Focus: Motivation)

Why do people act the way they do? This presentation introduces the basic motivational styles and techniques in the context of human nature. Learn how to help people realize their potential and get useful tips on how to "gear up" for any task, large or small.

Do More and Do It Faster (Focus: Productivity)

This seminar focuses on realizing that by doing work in innovative ways, fewer people can accomplish more work effectively and achieve better results than ever before. Specific techniques will be shared that can be implemented immediately.

Passing the Power (Focus: Empowerment)

In this presentation, Liz explains the importance of empowering yourself and others. These simple steps can lead you to finding greater satisfaction in your personal and business life.Learn how to set and achieve realistic goals and to make others feel like they are a vital part of the process.

Legendary Leadership Lessons (Focus: Leadership)

Because so many "doers" become managers, it is difficult to transition to leadership. This presentation is designed as an opportunity to step back from the hectic pace of "doing" and reflect on why and how we can lead. The distinctions between manager and leader will be explored as well as specific and practical strategies and techniques for transition from manager to leader.

The Strongest Link (Focus: Team Building)

Working in teams can sometimes be a frustrating and challenging task if the wrong approach is taken. Liz teaches the power of working together, group dynamics and team productivity. The success of a team relies on the success of the team members to work together for a common goal.

Encouraging Employee Engagement (Focus: Employee Engagement)

A successful organization is one whose employees are actively engaged and feel a sense of belonging. Therefore, it is essential to encourage employee engagement within the organization. This presentation will define employee engagement, address why it is so important today, identify ten components of successful employee engagement and list strategies for assessing engagement.

Organizational Leadership (Focus: HR Development)

In today's world recruitment, retention, and development is the name of the game. This presentation discusses what the CEO wants from Human Resources/Organization Development departments. HR is not always positioned to participate in key decision-making. Often the role is seen as that of an implementer rather than a strategist. Ten specific strategies for success are shared.

Giving Employees a Voice (Focus: Conducting an Employee Survey)

A strong organization identifies areas of employee satisfaction as well as recognizes areas of dissatisfaction. The best way of discerning just exactly what these areas are is through employee surveys. This presentation identifies the five practices that should be used when conducting employee surveys. To maximize the benefits of conducting a survey, strategies for using the information collected are identified.

Set “Sale” for Success (Focus: Sales)

Successful selling situations are created through a combination of effective techniques, strategies and the communication of an appropriate image. This presentation is designed to review the principles of professional selling from the perspective of overall strategy and specific techniques.